About us

Bengalinews.net is a News Website

We broadcast news online. Our main purpose is to inform people every moment in a relationship. Though we were thinking of launching this channel long ago, it was launched in 2020. And it will always do the work for you. We have always wondered how to get to know the whole world in a moment. And in that context, we have been able to present this news website to you.

Bengali News branches:

We have no groups or branches yet. We only preach our news from one branch. But very soon we are going to launch a few branches. And all of you will be notified when that launch.

Our commitment

We publish news all over the world. And always preach the truth. It does not tolerate any kind of falsehood. We are always trying to keep people away from lies and rumors. Bengali News will serve robust and high-quality news from every corner of Bangladesh and relevant global news. And in order to fully commit to the needs and aspirations of Bangladeshi viewers on the same platform, our channel will deliver global news to Bangladeshi viewers worldwide.